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White-washed pinecones

White-washed pinecones

When I saw that Trader Joe's had these huge unscented cones this year, I couldn't buy a pair fast enough.

This turned into a huge project of white washing not only these pine cones but several others. I will also show you how I used some white washed mini pine cones for neighbor gifts this year.

Take a look at these marvelous cones. I think the are easily 8 inches tall. Tall and handsome.

White washed pine cones with tassles

I used left over ceiling paint from our recent drywall job in the living room. If you follow on my Insta-stories, you are fully abreast of that disaster situation.


I mixed some of the paint with water. I added very little water because I wanted the white wash to be fairly opaque. I added the paint to a 2 gallon ziplock bag.

White washed pine cones with tassles

Then dipped and shook the cone around in the paint before taking it out to dry.

White washed pine cones with tassles

I let it dry on plastic bags and rotated them frequently so the paint would drip out and not dry in clumps. I also tried using a few other cones from around here. It took quite a while. I transferred them to clean bags every once in a while to avoid clubs. It was a royal mess.

White washed pine cones with tassles

After the big cones were dry I drilled holes into them at the top and screwed in eye hooks as you see below.

White washed pine cones with tassles 5

Then I hung them from our two cabinets in the living room I added a little bit of ribbon and done.

With the smaller white-washed cones, I made some...

White washed pine cones with tassles 6

Neighbor gifts. I took a ceramic's class this fall and learned to throw some bowls. I made these five and many others.

neighbor gifts

I filled them with some clay for weight and stability, A candle, some moss and greenery from my yard. I tied a tag around the candles and finally added a couple white mini cones to the base.

neighbor gifts

They were very well received!

neighbor gifts

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