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Jewelry bracelet - DIY

Jewelry bracelet - DIY

This is one of my favorite bracelets. It's easy to make too. And it makes for a great hand made gift for a teacher or for mother's day maybe.

Here is all you need:

A chain link bracelet. Similar one here.
Some eye pins.
Assorted beads. I picked all jewel toned ones and made each bead a different one.
Round nose pliers.

jewelry making 1

And here are the steps:

jewelry making 2


  1. Insert the eye pin into the bead
  2. Cut to size
  3. Bend around pliers
  4. Fiddle until the loop looks nice
  5. Attach loop to bracelet link. I put one bead on each link.

jewelry making 3

I made a gift wrap idea for this bracelet, which you can find here

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