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Christmas ornament - cones for candy

Christmas ornament - cones for candy
Christmas ornament - cones for candy

Here is a craft I originally came up with oh some ten years ago, but I wanted to make it into a cut file to share. Here is how to make them.

I really like the weight, color and smoothness of this white cardstock. I buy it in bulk since white is my favorite color to use for my crafts.

Christmas cones

I put the large cone shape through my crimper. The patterns are sized to fit this crimper. Make sure the glue flap is inserted through the crimper first so that part does not get crimped but stays straight.

Christmas cones

Next, bend back the glue flap. It is optional, but I find that it helps to make the shape in the next step. Then fold the cone in half to make the glue flap line up with the opposite side. Open slightly and glue with hot glue. Make sure your hot glue has reached temperature so that it doesn't harden too quickly or you may not have enough time to properly close up the seam by gently pressing on it while not smushing the crimping.

You make the small cone in the same way but without crimping it first. Or do.

Christmas cones

I included handles in the download, but you can also use other things like ribbon or string.

I made one cone with fur trim and hung it with leather string. The fur trim was cut from a piece of faux fur I got at Joann's for making a new outfit for our Santa Claus.

Christmas cones

I added glitter to the star shapes that are included and on one of the small cones with scallops, I added glitter to the point. I just used glue stick and poured glitter over it onto a piece of paper so I could transfer the glitter back into the bottle it came in.

Christmas cones

On the left below you see the original one I made back in 2007 or 08 which was the inspiration for this pattern. On the right the new one with fur and leather string.

Christmas cones

A couple of the small ones with glitter. I added a pearl sticker to the star on the right.

Below is the download for the files and under that another version with a crimped cone with a glitter star and pearl center.

Christmas cones

To make all the cutouts fit onto one 8.5x11, I recommend selecting the group of shapes and click the attach button in the Cricut design software.

Download here for free - for personal use.

This is a free download for personal use. You may not sell this download or offer it on your site without my prior written permission.

Some SVG files in this download have score lines. Here is a tutorial for how to handle score lines in SVGs.

If you have any suggestions for SVG projects you would like me to make in the future, please let me know in the comments.

Christmas cones

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