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Guest tray for overnight guests with hand made paper goods and a DIY sewing project

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Guest tray for overnight guests with hand made paper goods and a DIY sewing project

I have always put out various things for my overnight guests such as water, fruit and chocolate and then I had a basket of travel size necessities in the guest bathroom that they could get things out of as well. Lately we have also handed out a wifi password to our guests. This project, my new guest tray, has been an effort to streamline the look and feel of these items and of course it was so much fun to make and design as well. Here is everything I put on the tray including all the sources.

The past four posts have detailed each of the four types of coordinating paper goods I made for my guest trays. Welcome tag with wifi password, water bottle label, toothbrush wrap and pyramid chocolate wrap. I made a few of each kind to have on hand so that I can easily and quickly put together a tray or two. Having it organized this way makes it easier to see if I am short on something.

Guest tray with hand made items

I also added the cell phone stand to the tray for guests to use while here, making it a total of 5 handmade projects making it onto the tray. Here are the hand made items:

Guest tray with hand made items

I wanted to add some shampoo and conditioner to the tray. I set out to find some cute small travel size shampoos and conditioners, but I could not find any brands I liked with ingredients worthy of going into a shampoo. I also didn't want my endeavor to generate a ton of plastic trash, so I ended up getting my own brown bottles and some water proof labels which I can refill and reuse.

I tried out a couple different shampoos until I landed on this shampoo and this conditioner. I like that they have no synthetic fragrance, paraben free, vegan, no animal testing and gluten free. I picked a lavender scent to go with the lavender scent of the cell phone stand. Yes, the cell phone stand is lavender scented.

Guest tray with hand made items

I printed out the labels using these water proof labels. They don't get water spots or break down when getting wet like a regular paper label. They still look and feel like paper and not like a sticker or a dymo label. 

Guest tray with hand made items

Bottles, Labels, shampoo, conditioner.

Below is a mood board showing all the items with all the sources. The toothpaste is shown below in a turquoise box. It is a fluoride free toothpaste which has clean ingredients and an herbal mint flavor carrying through the earthy theme of the tray.

Guest tray with hand made items

toothbrush wrap


cell phone stand


Bottles, Labels, shampoo, conditioner

fluoride free toothpaste


water bottle

Welcome tag with wifi password

pyramid chocolate wrap

And that is it. Here is how I style the tray: I first fold the towel length wise and then I roll it up and place in the the back left corner of the tray. Then on the right, from back to front I put the water bottle, the cell phone stand and the pyramid chocolate box. In front of the towel I lean the welcome tag against the toothpaste box and next to it I lean the toothbrush against the towel. I place the shampoo and the conditioner in the remaining space. It then looks like this:

Guest tray with hand made items

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