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Felt flower ornament

Felt flower ornament

After I made these napkin rings with felt flowers, I re-used the felt flower idea for an ornament.

To make the flower, first read this tutorial, then come back here for the final steps.

Cut about and inch long piece of black pipe cleaner and bend in the middle. Make a loop with white embroidery floss - or the color of your choice. Fold the pipe cleaner piece around the floss, close the pipe cleaner piece together and hit it with some hot glue.

walnut ornament

Firmly insert it into the top of the felt flower and let it dry.

walnut ornament 2

Then glue the flower onto a walnut. I just fresh walnuts and I made these first four years ago and nothing has happened to the walnuts. I made six ornaments and I store them in a little zip-lock baggie with my Christmas stuff and they still look exactly the same as when I made them.

Christmast ornaments handmade 1

I think they would make great gift toppers too.

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