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Christmas Jewelry box gift wrap

Christmas Jewelry box gift wrap

If you like to give gifts in small boxes, here is an idea for an adorable Christmas gift wrap. You only need a few materials.

In my gift is a handmade bracelet which you can see here. But this idea scales up to large boxes as well.

I made a pillow for the box by wrapping a scrap piece of oatmeal linen fabric around some cotton. I placed a strip of tissue paper in the box, then inserted the pillow and placed the bracelet on top of that.

jewelry making 4

Next, I folded over the tissue and put a little card stock medallion on top. I made that by stamping a design onto white cardstock, punching it out with a circle punch. I framed it with a slightly larger blue cardstock circle.

jewelry making 5

Next, I closed the box and wrapped it like this.

Jewel toned bracelet Dare to give hand made 7

To make this gift wrap, first I used red distress ink to stamp a design onto the little scalloped marking tag. As I tied the striped ribbon around the kraft box, I tucked the white string from the marking tag between the double knot of the ribbon. Then I tucked my greenery branch under the ribbon on the bias. I was lucky to find a branch which already had a cone sort of thing on it making it extra Christmassy.

I gathered the list of supplies for this project here.

If I could not find an exact match for an item, I found a similar one. I just bought the round vintage stamps myself, I thought they were so adorable and with multipurpose use. They are more generic than the mistletoe one I already had on hand, so it can be used all year round.

Now, all you have to do is go out and find a small fresh greenery branch!

Jewel toned bracelet Dare to give hand made 6

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