By Katja Kromann

SVG and PDF files help

Sizing in Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is not able to read the original size from an SVG file, so it is usually necessary to change shape to the right size before cutting it out. In Cricut Design Space you can check shape measurements in the Edit panel on the right hand side.

The Edit Panel looks like this and is located under the second tap. When the shape is selected, the width and length of the shape is displayed in the Edit panel. and you can type in new values under width or height. When you do, the shape will change to meet those specifications. When the lock is on, the proportions will be kept for the shape.

edit panel

Pdf files

It's a good idea to do a test print of the pdf files to make sure that it is printing out at the right size. In some pdf readers, like the Windows pdf app, when I used it, it just prints out at the right size. However, when using Adobe Reader, on both windows and mac, I found it necessary to check the box next to ‘Actual size’ in the printer settings to have the pieces come out at the right size. If I didn’t, the pieces printed out a couple 16ths too small. And there are probably other programs besides just those, so be sure to check. Especially if you are printing out a bunch, so you don't waste any cardstock.

Here is the dialog box in Adobe Reader - The arrow points to where I clicked to get the right size printed.

On a Mac


On Windows 10


Let me know if you have any problems with the downloads or these instructions here. Thank you.

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