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Silhouette Christmas trees - free download pdf and svg cut files

Silhouette Christmas trees - free download pdf and svg cut files

Today I am revisiting a good old Christmas project from my page A Home for Design (formerly Shift Ctrl Art) that has become quite popular around the web, having been featured online on both Women's Day Magazine,, Brit+co, coco29, and others. Yes we are talking about my Silhouette Christmas trees.

In my original Christmas Silhouette tree post, which now has over 12.000 downloads (What?!), I had a simple PDF template that you could print out and cut by hand.

But who hast time for that, right? Apparently 12.000 people including me, but let's improve upon that.

So in this post I am updating my download to include brand new SVG cut files for a Cricut (and I'm guessing a Silhouette would also work) so that you can have the machine cut out the trees. Ahhhh.

I have also included a brand new PDF file with more sizes if you are still loving cutting out by hand.

I have included the trees in three sizes. The reason for this is that while the SVG file can scale infinitely, the slits scale along with the shape, so as I was experimenting with the various sizes, the slit became too loose when I sized up the tree to 8 inches tall from a 4 inch size. Therefore I have included three sizes: 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches. This should carry you through a good sized forest of varying tree sizes.

You can also use this to your advantage if you are using other thicknesses than regular card stock. Simply size up the 4 inch three to 8 inches to gain a wider slit for example and vice verse.

Below are two 6 inch trees cut out. I can't even tell you how much easier it is to have my Cricut cut it out instead of cutting by hand. So much yes to that.

I am using this Cricut machine.

Let the forests commence.

Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

Let me be agonizingly obvious for two seconds here and say that for each tree you cut out a top and a bottom part of the same size and then you slide the two halves together to form one tree.

Ok. Moving on.

Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

And then repeat, repeat, repeat and voila: a forest of trees.

Tip: When you import the shapes into Cricut, you can't always see the slit in the tree shape, but it is there. Once you get to the cut screen, you can see it.

Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

So many trees.

Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

Download here for free - for personal use.

This is a free download for personal use. You may not sell this download or offer it on your site without my prior written permission.

If you have any suggestions for SVG shapes you would like me to make in the future, please let me know in the comments.

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Silhouette Christmas trees for cricut

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